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In 1997
CHOZEN LEE, JUN 4 SHOT, CRISS, had a goal of presenting the 3 of them on stage and decided to form FIRE BALL. The same year, they toured along with Mighty Crowns "FIST & FIRE" tour across Japan and showed their existence to the Japanese Reggae fans. In 1999 when Mighty Crown won the World Sound Clash, TRUTHFUL who was the main MC / selector had the burning passion to becoming a DEE JAY, joined FIRE BALL a long with YOYO-C who just returned from London. In all, FIRE BALL had 5 members. Challenging their individual skills and yet uniting it on stage and also help from Mighty Crowns Mix tapes, their acknowledgement and skills excelled well above average. Once Mighty Crowns label, "LIFE STYLE" was established in the year 2000,FIRE BALLS existence was firm after appearing in the compilation CD "LIFE STYLE RECORDS COMPILATION VOL.1".
In 2002
FIRE BALLS member became a group of 4 (just as present day) released their first album "HINOTAMA". Not only themselves but with this album, they showed the whole music scene the existence and made a large impact for Dancehall reggae. As they challenge and tested themselves at lives, their growth was an eye catcher. You can see that realistically in their 2nd album "BOOK OF LIFE"
In 2003
paradoxically giving the message to society yet making this album enjoyable, was noticed and featured from a wide range surpassing all sorts of genre such as "FUJI ROCK", "COUNT DOWN JAPAN". The same year, Mighty Crowns "YOKOHAMA REGGAE FESTIVAL" made their first outdoor live which held and gathered an audience of 10 thousand. FIRE BALL was the host and was the main event of this festival. At the end of that year FIRE BALL a long with their original band "JUNGLE ROOTS" went on their first solo tour "FIRE CAMP TOUR".
As the Japanese reggae scene and the media featured them huge in 2004
they were an important character. The title of the third album FIRE BALL released was "FIST & FIRE". The PASSION and ANGER, LOVE; the BURNING type of feeling (emotion) = FIRE. The STRONG PRIDE and a BREAK through towards the FUTURE = FIST, was what featured and characterized FIRE BALL itself. In it, their enthusiastic surge towards the SCENE showed their strong will. Not only at the "YOKOHAMA REGGAE FESTIVAL 2004" that gathered twenty thousand people in August, FIRE BALL, with the theme "FIST & FIRE" showed themselves at Reggae festivals around Japan this year. They delivered their burning desire to many of the fans.
In June of 2005
FIRE BALL working with JUNGLE ROOTS, released their first acoustic new single tune "JOYFUL DAYS". In spring, their first DVD will be released which features scenes from their Lives and PV's. Also, they are planning a tour with JUNGLE ROOTS, which was a big hit last year. As we speak, FIRE BALL is working on their 4th Album. (Jan, 2005)